Résumé Builder

Imagine your résumé with "Sold $100,000 of services", "Managed a team of workers", and "Communicated with customers to ensure satisfaction." These are the types of things that you will be able to say after working with us for a summer.

Like School (Just Better)

You're going to learn a lot! So it's kinda like school, except without the powerpoint and lectures. Oh and we're actually going to pay you. And you're going to learn a lot of useful stuff unlike that Art History class. Fine, so it's not that much like school.

We provide students with multiple internship opportunities with our sister company Textbook Painting. For students interested in management and organizational leadership, we have multiple positions within our operations team. For students interested in marketing and sales, we hire independent Business Development Reps. The positions are very different and are designed to offer specific learning opportunities. Please take a few minutes to explore both options and determine which best fits your strengths and interests.

To learn more about our painting services, visit TextbookPainting.com.

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